We take great pride in our ability to be your complete automotive service provider. We perform all of the following services within our facility. This is important, as it allows us to have complete control over the quality of service you and your vehicle receive.

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Manufacturer’s Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to a safe and reliable vehicle. As your vehicle comes in for service, we track and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to ensure all your services are completed at the right service intervals.

Lube oil and filter

The heart of any vehicles maintenance program is the lube oil and filter service. Our packages include quality engine oil, and oil filters. OEM oil filters are also available by request. We’ll also perform a complete and thorough 30 point inspection, making sure to identify any problems right away.

Vital fluid services

A crucial part of maintaining your vehicle is ensuring all of the vital fluids are in good condition. We utilize high tech flushing machines to service and replace your vehicles vital fluids:

  • Transmission fluid flush and filter service
  • Engine coolant flush
  • Power steering fluid flush
  • Crankcase oil flush
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Differential and transfer case fluid change

Unscheduled Maintenance

There are some other services your vehicle needs, which may not necessarily be on the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. But keep in mind, the manufacturer is interested in you purchasing a new vehicle every few years. If you plan on keeping your vehicle longer than that you’ll want to ensure all systems are maintained in good working order:

  • Brake system service
  • Fuel system service
  • Battery terminal service
  • Headlight aiming
  • Tire balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • And more


When things do go wrong we are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to repair your vehicle. Today’s vehicles are sophisticated, highly computerized machines. We use OEM tools in most cases, and our technicians are constantly training to upgrade their skills. These tools and skills enable us to find the right fix, the first time, and on time.

Mechanical Repair

We offer full service mechanical repair, from alternators to wheel bearings, and all in between. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped in order to fix your vehicle in a timely manner, at a fair price.

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